Hartlepool Gallery

1. Church of England

Hartlepool’s oldest churches and approximate date registers began. The town’s Church of England parishes are in the Diocese of Durham and original records are at Durham Record Office. However there are microfilm copies at Teesside Archives and some also at Hartlepool Central Library. The library has a very large collection of indexed transcripts of these registers.

These older churches all have churchyards and most monumental inscriptions can be seen in Hartlepool Library and some can be bought from our Cleveland Family History Society online shop.

For more information about Hartlepool’s churches visit http://hhtandn.org   and scroll down the left hand side to Churches and Graveyards.




As both Hartlepool and West Hartlepool grew in Victorian times, further C of E churches were built and parishes were altered. None of these Victorian churches had churchyards. Records are available for all these churches from their opening date.

2. Roman Catholic Churches


3. Methodist Churches

The original baptism records for most Methodist Churches in the town are at Teesside Archives Middlesbrough although Hartlepool Library has microfilm copies and a vast collection of indexed transcripts.

For more information and pictures of any of these churches, visit  Hartlepool History Then and Now at http://hhtandn.org